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Cardiology is a medical speciality that deals with heart disorders. Cardiologists are doctors who specialise in this speciality. They have received training in treating cardiac disorders such as congenital heart disease, infections, heart failure, and valvular heart disease. Numerous cardiovascular problems require special care and professional competence to address.

Cardiac disorders include cardiac arrest; myocardium disorders, cardiomyopathy; pericardium disorders, which include types of pericarditis; valve disorders, such as aortic, mitral, pulmonary, and tricuspid valves; congenital heart defects, such as atrial or ventricular septal defect; vascular diseases, which include deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, aneurysm, vasculitis, aneurysm.

Our High-Tech Laboratory and Non-Invasive Cardiology offers the most advanced cardiac procedures such as Color Doppler – Echocardiography, Transesophageal Echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, Ambulatory Recording, Treadmill Testing, Computerized ECG, Stress Readionuclide Study, Stress Dobutamine Echocardiography and Event Recorder for Tran Telephonic ECG Recording.

Our Sub-specialities

1. Clinical and Preventive Cardiology

This sub-speciality focuses on reducing patients' risk for heart disease, having their first heart attack or stroke, and minimising complications in those who already have cardiovascular disease.

2. Cardiac Surgery

Our team of skilled cardiac surgeons performs all types of cardiac surgery for valvular heart disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease, congenital heart disease, and arrhythmias.

3. Interventional Cardiology

This field evaluates and treats patients with coronary artery disease, acquired structural heart disease, congenital heart defects, and vascular diseases using non-surgical and catheter-based procedures.

4. Electrophysiology and Pacing

Batra Hospital's Electrophysiology and Pacing section, we devote our time and expertise to assisting patients in overcoming various heart conditions. Arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter, and atrial fibrillation.

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