Lakshmi Bai Batra College of Nursing

Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre was established in 1987 by Ch. Aishi Ram Batra Charitable Trust with a vision to provide well-balanced and cost-effective health services. Nursing is an integral part of health care services. Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre set up Smt. In the same year, Lakshmi Bai Batra School of Nursing also offered General Nursing & Midwifery a Diploma Programme of 3-year duration duly recognized by the Indian Nursing Council (INC). Lakshmi Bai Batra School of Nursing also was upgraded to a collegiate Programme of B.Sc. (Hons) Nursing of 4 years in 2004, which is affiliated with GGSIP, a University recognized by the Indian Nursing Council and Delhi Nursing Council (DNC).

Philosophy of College

  • The college philosophy focuses on the training of professional nurses to meet the challenges of health care delivery and inculcating the mental framework in students for continued personal & professional growth.

Objectives of the College

  • To provide training for preparing nurses at basic and advanced levels who would be able to work in various health care settings & contribute to the preventive, promotive & restorative aspects of health.
  • To equip students to become effective professional nurses, as members of the health care teams, to meet the emerging health needs of society.
  • To enable the student to develop as an individual so that she assumes responsibility for self-directed learning and professional growth.
  • To strive to maintain excellence in nursing education.

AcademicL.B.B. College of Nursing takes pride in being the first College of Nursing in the private sector in Delhi and of G.G.S.I.P University offering a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in nursing, a 4-year professional degree programme. Eight batches of students have graduated and have made the college proud by achieving academic excellence.

FacultyL.B.B. College of Nursing has qualified and experienced full-time nursing faculty, which provides the right kind of theoretical inputs and practical & clinical experience. College also engages part-time visiting faculty for other allied courses. Teacher student ratio is maintained as per INC/GGSIP University norms. Efficient technical and Secretarial staff supports the faculty.

FacilitiesBatra Hospital & Medical Research Centre is built on 12 acres of land. LBB College of Nursing campus is built on plot of land measuring 1.23 acres. It is a unitary 3 storied building comprising of the following infrastructure.

5 well-equipped laboratories, Fundamental of Nursing, Nutrition, M.C.H & C.H. nursing, Community health nursing labs. and A.V. Aids lab.

  • A.V. Aids Lab: Well equipped with A.V. and another teaching Aids
  • Computer Lab: Well Equipped with internet facility.
  • Auditorium: State of Art Auditorium with a seating capacity of about 200 Persons.
  • Hostel: Well-furnished two hostel to accommodate 2 students per room (Old) & 4 students per room (New)
  • Canteen & Bank: Canteen and Bank facilities are available on the campus.
  • Clinical Facilities: Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center is a 500 bedded multi Super-specialties Hospital where Students receive clinical experience.

College seeks affiliation with other institutions like RML, IBHAS, RFTC Najafgarh, PHC Mehrauli, Kalawati Saran Children Hospital & E.S.I Hospital Okhla etc., for clinical experience in Mental Health Nursing, Community Health Nursing, Maternity Nursing and Child Health Nursing.

Co-curricular activities for all-around development, students are encouraged to participate in Intra and Inter college competitions & activities like debates, health quizzes, dramatics etc., at the state and national levels. Students participate in health camps, health Mela and National Health Programme like pulse Polio. GGSIP, University has undertaken Anti Tobacco Initiative in Collaboration with World Lung Foundation – South Asia (WLF_SA) with a vision to develop GGSIP, University and its affiliated colleges as a tobacco-free model for India. Lakshmi Bai Batra College of Nursing has also joined in this venture. TFI-GGSIP, University directed the Nodal Officers to upload the clause on the college's official website. “As per the provision of COTA 2003, tobacco consumption is strictly prohibited inside educational institutions. GGSIPU is partnering with “World Lung Foundation – South Asia to promote a tobacco-free environment. As a step in that direction, the use of Tobacco is banned in Lakshmi Bai Batra College of Nursing, as also the sale of Tobacco products within 100 yards radius of the college premises” Action in this regard has been taken by the college.

Every year college organizes Anti-Tobacco activities, e.g. poster competitions, declamation contests, role plays etc., to create awareness among students.

It is a pride to state that our college is also one of the affiliated colleges which comes n the list of “NO TOBACCO CONSUMING”) College. Our Nodal Officer and TFB members are also guiding the students that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smoking because, in passive smoking, we can only inhale & inhale nicotine, a leading cause of Lung Cancer. Student displayed a NUKAD NATAK at Silk City walk under the guidance of Faculty member Ms Rekha. They have been highly appreciated by the public.

Lakshmi Bai Batra College of Nursing is an active member of the ECO of Govt. Of NCT of Delhi. Various activities, Tree Plantation, Debate and Poster competitions, Skit(s) etc., to promote awareness and keep the environment clean and green, are carried out every year.

Academic Performance, Our feedback, in the form of results obtained in the previous academic years, is highly positive, with a cent percent first division. Eight batches have graduated so far and received 5 Gold Medals by 5 batches as toppers from the University. The student won a Gold medal from I.P. University for Best Sportsmanship. Faculty members organize health education programmes along with students.

Circular and Notes

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