Batra hospital Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Mrs Onyoda Dorothy Olagunju, Nigerian

" On my behalf and my Wife, Mrs Onyoda Dorothy Olagunju I wish to appreciate Dr. Sudip Raina for the professional, world class service offered to me before, during and after my surgery. My personal experience confirms your hospital growing reputation for excellent health service delivery. It also reflects the high standard of Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre, which in only few years of existence, has become something of a Nigerian for patients from across the world. I specially commend Dr. Sudip Raina and International Lounge team counselling of patients before and after surgical operations and urge that this approach be sustained. Its psychological impact on me as a patient has been tremendous. I wish you and members of your team many more years of service to humanity. "

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Mr Mohammed Aldoma, Sudan

" We came from Sudan to get IGRT technique radiation Irfan Bashir (Sr Consultant – Radiation Oncology) with his expertise helped us in diagnosing my disease with the best treatment plan which was missing in my country. This is to place on record our appreciation of the Radiation Oncology services rendered by Dr Irfan Bashir. We have found him to be very gentle and thoroughly professional and yet humanitarian in his approach. When we moved from Sudan to India, we felt strongly the absence of a good Oncology treatment, but with the discovery of Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre that void has been filled. "

Batra hospital Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Mr Abu Bakar Bangura, Sierre Leone

" My name is Mr Abu Bakar Bangura from Sierre Leone. I write to offer my word of gratitude to you personally and the whole Nephrology team for the care and support you rendered to me during my illness. Thank you. I am no longer experiencing problem in my urination. All is well. My further gratitude goes to Dr Ramesh Kumar and International team for referring me to you. "

Best  hospital in Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Mr Placide Swele Yama, Congo

" I was examined by Dr P. Gulati and subsequently I underwent for prostate treatment. I want to complement the staff who dealt with me whether the doctors or the technicians. All were extremely polite, respectful and concerned about me the patient. Carried out their duties in a respectful and efficient manner constantly displaying social graces. I must say that the experience here has been very pleasant and professional. "

Batra hospital Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Mr Farid Mia, Bangladesh

" Mr Farid Mia Came from Bangladesh for his Heart Bypass Surgery under Dr S K Pandey. Mr Farid Mia was initially diagnosed with triple vessel disease. He had difficulty in breathing and he wouldn’t have found out at an early stage if not for a guardian angel of a doctor who decided to include the angiography test which showed triple vessel disease. Now, Farid Mia is back to his country and enjoying his healthy life "

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Mrs. Muteba Chantal, Congo

" Mrs Muteba Chantal from Congo had Grave’s disease with Hyperthyroidism. She was told that she would get the possible treatment for her condition at Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre. She came to Batra Hospital and got operated for Thyroidectomy and Neck dissection and in a matter of few days, she was feeling better. she felt that the doctors and nurses had taken good care of her and communication was made easy with the help of the international department team. She was satisfied and happy. "