Best Cancer Hospitals in Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre Best Oncology hospital in Saket, Delhi , Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Best Cancer Hospitals in Saket, New Delhi, India

Batra Hospital has one of India's top cancer treatment facilities, including surgical treatment for sarcomas, thyroid, breast, and head and neck cancers (cancer that forms in the bone and connective tissue - including blood, nerves, fat, and tissues surrounding the bone and joints). As part of the ongoing care system for cancer patients, the Department of Oncology offers comprehensive cancer care, including surgical and medical therapy options.

Batra Hospital and Medical Research Centre, a super speciality hospital, provides comprehensive tertiary care under one roof. Cancer Centre is one of the leading departments providing all three specialities (Medical, Radiation & Surgical) with the highest standards. Medical Oncology Department offers cancer care with chemotherapy and targeted therapies as part of Neo-adjuvant (before surgery or radical radiotherapy), adjuvant therapy (after surgery / radical radiation) and palliative settings.

Medical oncologists and Onco surgeons with extensive knowledge and experience, keeping up to date on the most recent developments in the treatment of cancers, and trained to efficiently and precisely perform a wide range of complicated cases of cancer surgeries and other reconstructive procedures using multidisciplinary approaches make up the department's dedicated and highly skilled team.

Our Sub-specialities:

1. Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology (MO) disseminates the findings of clinical and experimental oncology and haematology research, particularly in the area of experimental therapies for chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

2. Surgical Oncology

The branch of treatment for cancer known as "surgical oncology" focuses on using surgery to identify, classify, and treat cancer and relieve some of its symptoms.

3. Radiaition Oncology

At Batra Cancer Centre, we use many standard radiation treatments in the ongoing fight against cancer. One of the more commonly used treatments available is external beam irradiation, also known as external beam radiation therapy. External beam irradiation uses a sophisticated electronic machine to precisely aim and fire high doses of radiation at a cancerous tumour. This machine works from outside the patient's body and moves around the patient without actually touching them.

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