Best Dietetics Hospital  in Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre Best Dietetics hospital in Saket, Delhi, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre

Best Nutrition & Dietetics Surgery Hospital in Saket, New Delhi, India

The Department of Dietetics and Nutrition at Batra Hospital is crucial to improve patients' nutritional health and well-being and enhancing clinical management. The foundation of dietetic practice at our hospital, where the level of care is on par with international norms, is using nutritional principles to support good health. An appropriate diet is crucial for optimal health, illness prevention, and healthy development.

The highlight of our department is the special therapeutic feeds for seriously ill patients, who, more than any other patient, are dependent on a diet to provide them with a better chance at life, are the department's highlight. These unique Nasogastric and jejunostomy feeds have been manufactured locally and are standardised to satisfy each patient's specific demands as required by their medical condition. Around 400 patients are served by the department, and 80 percent of them are on a therapeutic diet that helps them recover quickly. Nutritional counselling is provided to indoor and outdoor patients so they can follow dietary changes and enjoy better lives. The patient is informed of the most recent nutritional studies that will improve their ability to monitor their disease state.

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