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Best Physiotherapy Clinics in Saket, New Delhi, India

One of the largest and best-equipped physiotherapy departments in the country, Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center's department work in all physiotherapy sub-specialities. Our team of physiotherapists is highly qualified and experienced, and we offer OPD services (Direct and referral) and IPD services (in wards and intensive care units) with treatment protocols that meet international standards. We do this to provide a comprehensive approach to the patient's rehabilitation.

After an evaluation, a physiotherapist offers a wide choice of evidence-based therapies that are adapted to meet individual needs. A physiotherapist's goal is to improve the body's ability to function and lessen the effects of disease and trauma-related dysfunction, disability, and pain to increase health and mobility while lowering the chance of injury.

Physiotherapy comprises evaluation, treatment, counselling, and training for anyone anticipating, pursuing, or connected with movement problems. The use of physical agents to treat pain resulting from illness, injury, and other physical and mental disorders. Exercises, mobilisation, manipulation, and electrotherapy are methods and tools used for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

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