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Nursing Services

Batra hospital is a  leading  hospital of north India with state of the art facilities and technology. Our dedicated and compassionate professional nurses have been providing high quality nursing care to all the patients for over 37years and commits itself to provide efficient, effective, timely and user friendly health care to its patients, through best medical practices in a clean healthy and rejuvenating environment. We believe in care with empathy for all patients providing safe highly competent care that is evidence based is our priority. Our Nurses strive to create a caring and healing environment for all patients and their families. Nurses of Batra Hospital  are groomed to meet day today  challenges and face them with compassion. Batra Hospital provides a conducive and supportive environment for all our Nurses. The nursing administrators guide them to sustain congenial atmosphere and support for them for the development of nurses professionally

Specialty units like General OT, CT OT, CTVS ICU, ICCU, Medical ICU, Surgical ICU, Dialysis and Oncology units are manned with our specially trained nursing staff.

The Nurse Educator conducts the In service Education Program regularly for all the nursing staff of BHMRC with the help of doctors and school faculty to update the nurses with latest knowledge and on job training is done by nursing supervisor as and when required.

A two day Induction Program is conducted for all newly appointed staff nurses. We at  Batra Hospital, Nursing Department have many opportunities to pursue your nursing passion.