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Blood Bank

Batra Hospital has its own Blood Bank which runs 24 hrs x 365 days. Where blood and blood components are stored under ideal conditions with temperature control and alarm facilities, following stringent screening procedures. The Blood Bank accepts blood on a voluntary donor/ replacement basis only. The technologically advanced blood transfusion unit carries out all therapeutic procedures & ensures availability of blood & blood components round the clock. Blood donation is undertaken during all working days from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Diagnostic Facilities: HBSAg/Hepatitis B marker (Rapid/Elisa), Hepatitis B marker (Elisa), Anti HCV/Hepatitis C marker (Rapid/Elisa), Anti HIV (1+2) Al DS (Rapid/Elisa).
Immunohaemotological Tests: ABO and RH Blood Grouping, Red cell antibody screening, Direct and Indirect Coomb's test, RH antibody titre.

Therapeutic Facilities: Therapeutic removal of all pathological components from the vascular compartment, Peripheral blood stem cell collection for bone marrow transplant, therapeutic phlebotomy.