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Thoracic Surgery

A remarkable feature of Batra Hospitalis dedicated & exclusive General Thoracic Surgery Department dealing with diseased or injured organs of chest specifically disorders of lungs and esophagus (food pipe) and trachea (windpipe). Lung cancer, esophageal cancer, emphysema, lung transplantation, reflux esophagitis, complications of lung tuberculosis and chest trauma are some of the many clinical indications for thoracic surgery. Staffed by highly trained and experienced Cardiothoracic surgeons, Thoracic Surgery department is a self-contained dept equipped with most modern facilities for diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases of chest comparable to international standards. A sample list of operations done using VATS include bullectomy, pleurectomy, ablation of hemothorax, ablation of empyema thoraci, thymectomy, wedge resection of lung, Esophageal myotomy, lung bipsy, pleural biopsy, mediastinal lymph nodes biopsy, pericardial biopsy etc.

Diagnostic Facility Therapeutic Facility
Bronchoscopy Labectomy
Key Hole Lung Biopsy Pneumonectomy
Key Hole Pleural Biopsy Decortication
Thoracoscopy Esophageal Surgery
Mediastinoscopy Tracheal Repair
Pulmonary Function Test Chest Wall Reconstruction
Lung Scan Chest Injuries
Spiral CT Scan Gastroesophageal Reflux
Pulmonary Angiography Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (Key Hole Surgery)
  Foreign Body in Airways