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The Dietetics Department of BHMRC is a professional set up, headed by a Chief Dietician who has 30 years experience in the field of Therapeutic nutrition with special interest in Critical Care. Was awarded a “Scroll of Honour” for “Professional Achievement” on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebration of Dietetics & Public Health Nutrition. Have presented various scientific papers in NFI, IDA and ISPEN. Have conducted a study on importance of enteral nutrition & its effect on nutritional assessment of critically ill patients.

The Chief Dietician with a team of 5 Dieticians all work towards one goal i.e. providing good nutritionally balanced meals to all the indoor patients as per their disease and medical requirement.

The highlight of our department is the special therapeutic feeds for critically ill patients who more than any other patient is dependent on diet to give them a better chance with life. These special Nasogastric and jejunostomy feeds have been made indigenously and standardized to meet the individual needs as dictated by their medical requirement. The department is catering to 400 odd patients with 80% of them on special therapeutic diet, which aids in their speedy recovery.

Nutritional counseling of indoor and outdoor patients is being done so that they can lead a healthier life through compliance with dietary modification. The patient is made aware of the latest dietary researches which would help them monitor their disease state better. The Dietician is available for consultation in OPD between 9.00a.m. to 5.00p.m. in the Old Block, Ground Floor, Endocrinology Department.

The Chief Dietician with the team is responsible for the entire food services ranging from food production control including recipe costing, menu planning, portion control and detailed nutritional analysis for modified therapeutic diets. Fresh food is prepared at every meal. There is constant supervision at every step of meal preparation with hygiene at top most priority. The menus are changed seasonally. New recipes and food items are incorporated regularly.

The entire kitchen department is now fully automated from vegetable cutting to dough kneading and chapati making, which ensures that the food is processed hygienically with minimum of handling. The food is served hygienically, each dish being covered individually and transported in electrically heated trolleys.