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Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre
1, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, Mehrauli Badarpur Road,
New Delhi-110 062 (Near Saket Metro Station)

Phone: 91-11-2995 8747, 2995 7485-87, 2995 7629
Fax: 91-11-2995 6255, 2605 7661
Email: info@batrahospitaldelhi.org
Important Contacts
If you are a patient and looking for an appointment with our expert doctors, please contact:
Appointment Coordinator Phone: 9910426464, 91-29958747 Extn. 3021, 3016
Email: info@batrahospitaldelhi.org
If you are a marketing person and want to share your promotional proposal with us, please contact:
Marketing Department Phone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3021, 3044)
Email: info@batrahospitaldelhi.org
If you are a professional and want to excel in career while working with us a team, please contact:
Human Resources Department Phone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3218, 2650)
Email: hrd.batra@batrahospitaldelhi.org
If you are a journalist and need comments and quotes from our experts doctors, please contact:
Media Manager Phone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3044, 3021)
Email: info@batrahospitaldelhi.org
If you are an international patient, our International Help Desk will help you in case of quotes, queries, feedback or an appointment with our expert doctors, please contact:
International Help Desk Phone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3074, 3031)
Email: international.helpdesk@batrahospitaldelhi.org
If you are a corporate, PSU or an Insurance company and seek association with us for healthcare services, please contact:
Corporate Help DeskPhone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 3037)
Email: batracdesk@gmail.com
If you are a medical professional and want to pursue higher education, please contact:
DNB Coordinator Phone: 91-2995 8747 (Extn. 2452)
Email: ikd_surgery@batrahospitaldelhi.org