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Health Camp at Sangam Vihar, 15th Apr 2018

The camp in Sangam Vihar conducted by the Academic and Research deptt of Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center for healthy persons was conducted on 15th April. 450 persons with no apparent disease participated. All of them had height and weight measurement to find the index of obesity (BMI), Blood pressure measurement by a special automated oscillatory machine developed in Holland for fool proof recording of BP, spot blood sugar and serum lipid profile by point of care machines. This was followed by an ECG recording by a very user friendly small ECG machine with instantaneous prints. Final step was examination and advice by our Senior Residents. The last part was collation of complete data by Experts of Amity University Public Health Deptt. The data will be shared very soon and will give a very valuable scientific information which will help in making policies for prevention of vascular events after getting information of the same kind from at least 3 more similar camps. It was a joint effort by Academics and ResearchDepartment Batra Hospital& Medical Research Centre, Dr S C L Gupta a senior surgeon from Batra Hospital& Medical Research Centre, Cardiology Deptt of Batra Heart Center and friends from industry and Amity University.