Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank

Blood transfusions are a critical supportive component of everyday medical procedures. Organ transplants, cancer therapy, heart and Vascular surgery, support for patients with blood disorders, resuscitation of trauma victims, sustenance of premature infants etc. would not be possible without blood/blood component therapy.

Batra Hospital & Medical Research Centre is involved in all the above and has therefore taken care to establish a state of the art blood transfusion service.

The department issues 24x7 and collects blood on voluntary and replacement basis (9:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays). Stringent selection criteria are in place to ensure that there is no compromise on the health of the donor and only quality blood/blood products are transfused on the patient. Any blood issued to the patient first goes through a battery of tests including Test (Elisa) for Hepatitis B & C and Aids, VDRL & test for Malaria.

Whole blood and apheresis component donations are carried out on week days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, all therapeutic procedures (listed below) are done on call round the clock.

  1. Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
  2. Therapeutic White Cell Removal
  3. Therapeutic Platelet Removal
  4. Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange
  5. Stem cell collection

The service charge for all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures has been fixed at a very affordable range
Our motto here is " Service to Humanity "
Diagnostic Facility
Elisa tests for:
1)HBSAg} Hepatitis B Marker (Rapid and Elisa)
2)HBSAg} Hepatitis B Marker (Rapid and Elisa)
3) Quantitative Anti HBS} Hepatitis B Marker
4) Anti HCV} Hepatitis C Marker (Rapid and Elisa)
5) Anti HIV } for AIDS (Rapid and Elisa)

Inmunohaematological tests:
1) ABO and Rh Blood grouping
2) Red cell antibody screening
3) Direct and indirect coomb's test
4) Rh antibody titre.

Therapeutic Facility

  1. Availability of leuco-reduced blood/blood components from random/single donors.
  2. Therapeutic removal of all pathologic blood components from the vascular compartment.
  3. Peripheral blood stem cell collection for bone marrow transplant.
  4. Therapeutic phlebotomy.