Physiotherapy department in Batra Hospital and Medical Research Center is one of the largest and well- equipped with latest computerized equipments, working in all sub specialties in physiotherapy. We have a qualified and highly experienced team of physiotherapists providing OPD services (Direct and referral) and IPD services (in wards and intensive care units) with treatment procedures of international standards, to offer a multifaceted approach to the patients rehabilitation.

Physiotherapist after examination provides wide range of evidence based therapies, tailored to suit individual needs. Physiotherapist aims to restore functioning of the body, to reduce impact of dysfunction, disability and pain of the body, from trauma and disease. To improve mobility, health and reduce risk of injuries.

Physiotherapy includes assessment , treatment , advice and instruction to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction . Healing of pain from injury , diseases , physical and mental condition using physical agents . Activities and devices including exercises , mobilization , manipulation and electrotherapy for diagnosis , prevention and treatment
Therapies includes:

Manual Therapy: Stretchings, manual resistance training, mobilization( joint, soft tissue , neural) and manipulation, Manual lymphatic drainage (Post Lymphedema), chest physiotherapy.

Electro Therapy Techniques: Laser therapy, EMG, Biofeedback, ultrasound therapy, Diathermy (SWD, MWD, LWD),cold packs , Interferential current therapy, traction (cervical & lumbar), continuous passive motion shoulder, elbow and lower extremity.

Exercises: Posture training, muscle strengthening, cardio vascular training and stretching.


  • Sport injuries Rehabilitation – CPMs shoulder, elbow and lower extremity, rowing machine, ergometer, treadmill and therabands. 
  • Maunal lymphatic Drainage – Post Lymphedema.
  • Pelvic floor reeducation – Post Incontinence with EMG Biofeedback.
  • Ante-Post natal classes.
  • Paediatrics – neonatology and congenital abnormalities , delayed milestones .
  • Weight management centre – Exercise regimns with a team approach , lifestyle disease (HTN , DM , Obesity ,Thyroid )
  • Exercise Prescription in Elderly – Geriatrics/Osteoporosis (mainly).

Other Services:

  • Post Amputation – stump assessment
          - advices (orthosis & prosthesis)
           -Information about external aids (wheelchair , walking aids )
  • Kinesiology Taping – facilitate bodys healing process
          -provides support and stability to the muscles
  • Splinting

Facilities in Department of Physiotherapy

  • Electrotherapy SWD/IFT/Ultrasonic/NV & MS Stimulator, infratonic, Hydrocollator, Paraffin wax bath, Cryotherapy, Laser unit, microwave diathermy, Longwave Diathemy, Compression Therapy.

Diagnostic - I.T curve/MS testing/ADL assessment/Exercise Prescription.

Mechanical - Traction-Cervical/Lumbar/Pelvic/C.P.M. for lower extremity and CPM elbow & shoulder. Tiltable, rowing, ergometer with lower extremity, treadmill.

Manual Mobilisation Therapies - Mobilization couch with specific features for mobilization.

Exercise Therapy - Active/Assisted/Passive/Resisted/Graded resisted exercises, PNF techniques, suspension therapy, Theraband/tubes exercises.

Chest Physiotherapy - Assessment of pulmonary functions, therapeutic functions, postural Drainage, Therapeutic, Interventional physiotherapeutic procedures, Nebulization Breathing exercises, Incentive spirometer, Humidification, home care and follow ups.

Gynae/Obstertric - Antenatal & postnatal Ex., postural correction & awareness, incontinence feedback.

Post Operative Cardiac Surgeries - following cardiac surgeries Pre & Post operative Physiotherapeutic exercise for patients including-Breathing exercises, chest manoeuvers, humidification, nebulization, Incentive Spirometers, Limb Physiotherapy,cardiac rehab- phase I -IV

For Neurological Disorders - Proper positioning of the limbs (Anti synergic patterns) general mobility & strengthening exercises, PNF,Bobath , awareness about the disease progression .

ICU post surgical care :

  • Chest physio & general mobility ex.
  • Incentive Spirometer ex.
  • Bronchial hygiene * Proper positioning of the operative side/part
  • Ambulation Prevention: * General postural awareness
  • Ergonomic advice at home and at workplace Geriatrics – Exercise Prescription / Regular regime mainly for osteoporosis and aging adults.
  • Prevention:
  • General postural awareness
  • Ergonomic advice at home and at workplace

Geriatrics – Exercise Prescription / Regular regime mainly for osteoporosis and aging adults.

Diagnostic Facility Therapeutic Facility
Strength duration curve Stress, Urge & mixed incontinence
Manual Muscle Testing Biofeed back (for strengthening muscle / Weaning of ventilation)
ADL Assessment (Activities of daily living functional status) Lymphoedma (post carcinoma)
  Oedema - DVT/PVD (deep vein thrombosis)(Peripheral vascular disease)
  Hemi plegia, Post Polio residual paralysis)
  Post Trauma/ Arthritis etc.
  Cerebral Palsy
  Neurological Disorders
  Chest Physiotherapy related to post pneumonia in Neonatal Peadiatrics
  Intensive care post cardiothoracic, Neurological, Surgical Respiratory, Kidney Transplant, Pediatric.

Geriatric PHYSIOTHERAPY: The population of the older adults in the country is approx. growing. The difficulties observed in this group in performing the A.D.L.s is identified for the possibilities of decreased fitness levels and presence of developing or developed disability and need to be assessed, evaluated and managed on the basis of clinical findings observed.

 It also includes -ADLs modification

  • Fall reduction
  • Environmental modification for ease and accesibility